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International Film Production Services in Turkey - Istanbul

Alfavizyon Film/Video Production Ltd. located in central Istanbul is a one stop production house. From project development to pre-production, production and post-production all process can be handeled under one roof. Alfavizyon also has a rental service of its own HD camera equipment, lighting and sound gear, please check our rental page here.

Alfavizyon is documentary and corporate video specialized production house and we have many international clients from Europe and US. producing documentaries in Anatolia. You can see a list of our current clients on this page. Our production services include all pre-production work for the overseas clients, location scouting, obtaining shooting permissions, technical crew, transportation and lodging. Please read "Documentary Filming in Turkey" section on our homepage.

For all film/video productions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact:

Akif Ergulec
European & Overseas Productions Consultant
  • akif@alfavizyon.com
  • +90 542 314 6332
  • 0212 234 66 91

Crew and Equipment

Unfortunately Istanbul is the only place where all film industry is centered. There are no other place outside Istanbul to hire equipment and professional crew. That means all crew and gear has to travel from Istanbul sometimes making is somehow costly for limited budgeted productions. Alfavizyon has some plans on this to save a lot of money on the travel expences if the filming location is far from Istanbul.

Filming permissions and fees

This is the most concerned fact by the foreign producers. There are basically three locations. The museums and historical sites are controlled by the Ministry of Culture, other sites are by the local municipalities and the private properties. Alfavizyon will obtain the filming permissions fast as being an experienced production company filming all around Turkey for many years. Fees are variable depending of the location/site, usually few good words with the local official makes life a lot cheaper so it is essential to have a good experienced location manager and you only think of your film.


There are five star to small boutique hotels all over Turkey. Alfavizyon will arrange the best place for the crew within the production budget allowance.