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Mehmet Adil YALÇIN
General Director / Filmmaker

Born in Gaziantep, Turkey.BA in Cinema and TV, Izmir 9 Eylül School of Fine Arts (1986).

Graduation project: Ustanin Guncesi (The Master's Diary), documentary. MA in Cinema and TV, Marmara University, School of Fine Arts (1990). Graduation project: Mozaikler (Mosaics), documentary.

Worked for various serials produced for Turkish networks.

Worked for MTV Film Production company between 1987 - 1993 in his capacity as 35mm Editor, Production Director, Technical Director, Researcher, Assistant Director and Director. Worked with Suha ARIN. Also became a member of the management of MTV.

The following list gives the films he took part in producing: 1986-87 Eski Evler, Eski Ustalar (Old Houses, Old Masters), 7 episodes, 35mm. 1998 Dunya Durdukca (Until Eternity), 6 episodes, 35mm. 1989 Mimar Sinan'in Anilari (Memoirs of Sinan), 35mm. 1989 Bir Renk Demeti (A Bouquet of Colors), 35mm. 1990 Sinan'i Yeniden Yorumlamak (Reinterpreting Sinan), 35mm. 1991-92 Turkiye'nin Kultur Hazineleri I: Topkapi Sarayi (Cultural Treasures of Turkey I, The Topkapi Palace), 7 episodes, 35mm. 1991-92 Turkiye'nin Kultur Hazineleri II: Ayasofya (Cultural Treasures of Turkey II, The Haghia Sophia), 35mm. 1997-98 Kibris'ta Bir Ozgurluk Aniti (A Monument to Freedom in Cyprus), 4 episodes.

Worked for the following production companies as a freelance director: Sinevizyon, Imaj Film, K Yapim, Sinetel, Pasin Animasyon, Ella Production and Neo Reklamcilik.
Founded Alfavizyon Filmcilik and Reklamcilik Ltd. in October 1994.

Awarded a mansion in Cine5 Short Film Contest for his Dönüş (The Return).
Took part in The Fourth Nurnberg Turkish Film Days with Donus.
His Turk Hamamlari (Turkish Baths), Aleviler (The Alewites) and Donus were run by the Dutch MTV channel.

Took part in the Ankara International Film Festival with Aleviler and Donus.
Took part in The Fifth Nurnberg Turkish Film Days with Aleviler.

Managed the local on-air and off-air campaign of the relaunch of the Turkish network TGRT, and worked with Pittard Sullivan during this yearlong project. (1998-2001) Currently working Director /Producer ALFAVIZYON LTD. and teaching Film directing/ Producing and Television Techniques at the Istanbul University, School of Techniques Science Communication.