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Product Highlights

  • System Artemis Cine HD + Operator / DAILY 850€
  • Focus Control / DAILY 300€


  • Provid + Operator/ DAILY
  • Sk2 + Operator / DAILY
  • Actioncam + Operator/ DAILY
  • Glidecam + Operator/ DAILY

System EFP HD
The artemis EFP HD is made to support today‘s digital cinematography and the work with the RED One and actual HD cameras, in the most professional way ever.
The EFP HD offers a 12V high capacity power wiring inside the rig, which enables capacities for the camera up to 15 Amp.
For the RED One camera, the side to side offers a special camera power out, using the same Lemo 2B 6 pin socket and plug as the RED One.
Because of the HiCap wiring, the EFP HS got lowest voltage drop ever.
The build in Hot Swap technology by Anton Bauer helps to avoid rebooting the RED One, if the batteries are low. The rig also offers, camera based battery capacity control, when RED batteries are used with a RED camera. SD and HD SDI video processing up to 4.5 GHz and as all artemis systems , also this system, got a gimbal with tool-free clamp and a lower sled which allows free positioning of the battery mounts and using „dual dynamic balance“. It does not matter what kind camera is used, it will be balanced perfect.

Modular Design:
Because of the artemis modular design, is is possible to combine the top stage and the lower sled of the EFP HD with the 1.5“ Post and Gimbal, or with the new 1.8“ ACT2 Post and the 1.8“ ACT2 Gimbal.
The artemis EFP HD top stage handles HD SDI up to 4.5 GHz and SD video signals

Hot Swap:
Since 2009 the Hot-Swap Technology, is a standard feature of the artemis EFP HD systems.
Thus, during a battery change electrical power is supplied continuously and there is no need to shut down the camera, monitor and radio channels.

Because of the HiCap wiring the artemis EFP HD can provide more than 200 watt for the camera. It is, therefore, also capable to supply modern HD digital cameras with optimal power. The HiCap wiring is great for 3D productions too.

The EFP HD is prepared for the use of the new ACT2 Tall system (code S26003-1820), that can be used with all camera types.
So artemis systems are easy to integrate into studio and OB van routines.

Detachable Modules:
With the quick-release mechanism, which also functions as docking ring, you can easily remove or detach the side-to-side and the sled module from the post. With this feature, you can simply flip the gimbal over for low-mode operations in no time and you can use a super post. And you can easily upgrade your systems with new modules later. The modular design makes service quick and simple: We provide you with a replacement module while we service your module in our workshop. So you don’t have any downtime.

The EFP HD system includes:
8“ camera dovetail plate, hex keys and the post tool